ORTHERN HEIGHTS: Highgate - Park Junction

London Transport had planned to take over the entire line (hence it being shown as 'under construction' on contemporary tube maps) and incorporate it into its Northern Line. The conversion works were disrupted by the second world war however: the works that were suitably advanced were completed but the remainder were shelved and never resumed.

For a scan of a 1930s A-Z showing the route of the Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace section of this line, click here.



Northbound view of the southbound tunnel.





The crossover passage between north and southbound tunnels at the southern end of them. There is only one crossover passage for some reason.







Southward view inside the northbound tunnel north of Highgate station in the early 1980s. The rails in the tunnel were still intact at this time.




The wall of the northbound tunnel. The staining is from water seepage. The northbound tunnel seems to have far more water ingress than the southbound tunnel.





Southward view of the northbound tunnel approximately halfway along it. The cable brackets were installed for the electrification of the line, which of course never happened.





Southward view of the northbound tunnel having nearly reached the north end of it.





Southward view of the northbound tunnel from its northern end.. The tunnel mouth was hit by a World War II bomb and rebuilt using tube tunnel methods. The original surviving tunnel stretches off into the distance; the rings of the rebuilt section are visible in the foreground.








Looking south toward the northern tunnels. The 'new' brickwork on the right hand one (northbound) was a rebuilding of the tunnel after a direct hit by a bomb during the Blitz in WWII.







Same view as above but positioned slightly more to the north and with a 1970s enthusiasts special, stationary on the southbound track.







The view just north of the northern end of the north tunnels. This is the location where the line forked; the left hand pair of tracks lead up to East Finchley station to join up with the Northern Line, the right hand pair of tracks would have curved around the edge of Highgate Wood towards Alexandra Palace (following the cabling on the right hand side of the photo). In between the two are Wellington sidings. Further on, to the right of the tracks to East Finchley, is Highgate Depot.




View northwards from the northern end of the northbound tunnel.








Highgate Depot before its temporary closure. The two lines to the left are the ones that lead to East Finchley station.

For a website detailing the history and description of the whole area, click here.




The reconstructed East Finchley station, now served by Northern Line trains. The outer platforms were designed to be used by trains from/to Camden Town, the inner platforms for trains from/to Finsbury Park - the inner platforms, as seen here, have only seen use for trains heading to/from Highgate depot.

(Oct 2005)




Wellington sidings, in between Highgate Depot and the abandoned route of the line to Alexandra Palace.







Wellington sidings.


All photos taken between 1977 and 1981, except where stated.


The Muswell Hill Metro Group are compaigning to have this line re-opened.



Northern Heights: Highgate Woods - Alexandra Palace