ORTHERN HEIGHTS: Highgate Woods - Muswell Hill



For a scan of a 1930s A-Z showing the route of the Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace section of this line, click here.

London Transport had planned to take over the entire line (hence it being shown as 'under construction' on contemporary tube maps) and incorporate it into its Northern Line. The conversion works were disrupted by the second world war however: the works that were suitably advanced were completed but the remainder were shelved and never resumed.

The map above shows everything except the plan to divert the section south of Finsbury Park onto the short underground line to Moorgate.






The line following the edge of Highgate Wood turns a near semi-circle between Highgate and Cranley Gardens stations. This is the pedestrian bridge over Holt Close leading into Highgate Wood and also to a footpath that snakes along the side of the Cranley Gardens station site.

(Photo: 2003)







This is the (reconstructed) bridge carrying Muswell Hill Road over the line. Cranley Gardens station location was on the far side of the bridge, the space now utilised for a housing estate.

(Photo: 2003)


For further info: www.disused-stations.org.uk





Same view but from the top level. The housing estate built on the station site is apparent here.

(Photo: 2008)







One of the many access points to the railway built since its reincarnation as the Parkland Walk. This is the path up from St James' Lane to the western side of the viaduct between Cranley Gardens and Muswell Hill.

(Photo: 2003)







South face of the viaduct between Cranley Gardens and Muswell Hill stations.
The view from the viaduct over North East London is spectacular and must have made for one of the more interesting London train journeys.







Light industrial utilisation of the viaduct arches.

(Photo: 2003)







Or more imaginatively, residential usage.

(Photo: 2006)






The track bed on the viaduct, looking westward back in the direction of Cranley Gardens station, with the panoramic view of North-East London that must have made travelling along this viaduct a delight.

(Photo: 2006)







Still in evidence: some of the cable ducts for the never-finished electrification of the line (this ducting would have taken the cables beneath the track bed; there is a similar structure on the opposite side).

(Photo: 2006)







The road that is Muswell Hill was rebuilt, leaving only this pedestrian/cycle way underneath it.
This is facing eastward towards Alexandra Palace. The other side of it was the site of Muswell Hill station, now home to a school.

(Photo: 2006)







The site of Muswell Hill station, as seen from Muswell Hill itself.

(Photo: 2006)







Further east and looking back at the Muswell Hill station area by The Grove. The track bed seems inordinately wide at this point but there were two sidings here on the right hand (north) side. For a long while some of the concrete cable posts remained in situ, with the school playground built around them.

(Photo: 2005)


All photos taken between 1977 and 1981, except where stated.


The Muswell Hill Metro Group are compaigning to have this line re-opened.



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