East London Line


(closed 2006, demolished 2010)


The small New Cross Depot that had served the East London Line up until its closure/removal from London Underground, was rebuilt as a large modern depot for the takeover under the London Overground banner.

The original depot, featured here, was located on the New Cross branch, wheras its new replacement is situated due west on the New Cross Gate branch. The branch has been extended and now has three terminals: Clapham Junction, Crystal Palace, and West Croydon.

For a full history of the East London line, see Clive's UndergrounD Lines Guide.


2007 visit

(All photos on this page ©2012. Philip Lindhurst)


The eastern two roads were just for train stabling.




Eastern two roads, looking north.




Looking south at the eastern two roads seen above. The right hand road is the first of four maintenance roads.




Showing roads 1 to 5.




The four maintenance roads. Light maintenance and inspection was carried out here. Heavy duty repairs were performed at Neasden depot.




These photos were taken shortly before the closure of the line (as part of London Underground).




Wider-angled view.




North view of the tracks leading to the New Cross branch single track.




Train on the track leading to the stabling roads. The track to New Cross is slightly elevated and is behind the grass verge.




The maintenance shed; roads four and three on the right hand side.




Road six and five in the maintenance shed. Looking north.




Buffer on the southern end of the track.




This photo dates from 2010 and shows the area once occupied by the depot. The tracks seen here led to roads 1 to 4 and were still in situ in 2012. The tracks that fed roads 5 and six have been removed.



Full details (albeit no longer updated) on the East London Line extension are at alwaystouchout.com

A couple of webpages showing the East London line as it was in its final tube days are here.



Shoreditch (Pt.1)



All photos © 2012. Phillip Lindhurst.