East London Line


(closed from 2007 to 2010 for conversion from tube line to overground line)


The planned closure of this line as part of the works for the East London extension should have occurred years ago. Indeed the extension should have been completed in 2006.

This page and the next, show the line in its tube days between Whitechapel and New Cross/New Cross Gate.

For a full history of the East London line, see Clive's UndergrounD Lines Guide.



Whitechapel station and the steps down to the East London Line from the District / Hammersmith & City platforms







Entrance to the northbound platform. The near platform was used as the solitary reversing platform after Shoreditch station closed; the far side platform was closed to passenger access. The overhead bridges carry the District and Hammersmith & City tracks.




(Standing on ) the northbound platform looking north.




Standing on the northbound platform looking south.




Looking north at the tracks leading to Shoreditch. This photo was taken a year after the closure of Shoreditch and there is significant vegetation growing on the track.


Shadwell station in 1989.




The original station building, demolished in 2010. It was actually more conveniently situated for interchange with the DLR than its replacement.











Wapping station: the north end of the platforms.







Looking north from the southern end of the southbound platform.




The emergency stairs. The brickwork dates from the original opening of the tunnel prior to being adapted for railway use.




Looking down at the lifts.




The historic tunnels under the Thames.


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The official East London Line website is here.

Full details (albeit no longer updated) on the East London Line extension are at alwaystouchout.com



East London Line (Pt.2)







Photos taken 2006 & 2007, except where stated.