East London Line


(closed from 2007 to 2010 for conversion from tube line to overground line)


The planned closure of this line as part of the works for the East London extension should have been completed in 2006 but was severely delayed.

This page and the next, show the line in its tube days between Whitechapel and New Cross/New Cross Gate.

For a full history of the East London line, see Clive's UndergrounD Lines Guide.




Rotherhithe station still retains its original station building with its appealing brickwork. This station is under threat of closure because of its short platforms and the difficulty in reconstructing the station. It is also in close proximity to the (comparatively) newly opened Canada Water station, an extra exit from which would perhaps reduce much of any inconvenience caused by the closure of Rotherhithe. See www.alwaystouchout.com for details.

For a view of the station in Sep 2009, move your cursor over the image.

(Top level photo: 2003)
(Bottom level photo taken by T. English in 2009 - ©2009 T. English)
















View of the tunnels under the river at the north end of the station.




Looking north.




Southerly view. The white/red dot visible in the tunnel above the left hand track is actually the light (and a train) emanating from Canada Water station.



Canada Water station, opened in 1999, to provide interchange with the Jubilee Line.







The station is utterly incongruous with the antiquity of the rest of the line, to such an extent that entering the station when travelling on the line feels as if one has been somehow transported to a completely different line.






Surrey Quays station and its welcoming sign. A dubious honour.







The southbound platform is quite wide; it utilises part of the now disused track that was previously here.



New Cross station will remain as a terminus.












New Cross Gate station has had an extra track built for the extended service southwards.

The official East London Line website is here.

Full details (albeit no longer updated) on the East London Line extension are at alwaystouchout.com







Photos taken between 2006 and 2007, except where stated.