The London & North Western Railway from Euston suffered a few London station closures.




(1855 - 1915)


The first station serving the area opened on 9th June 1851 and was named Hampstead Road. This was replaced in 1855 by a new station of the same name. There were platforms on both the North London route and the mainline from Euston: the Euston platforms were removed in 1915, leaving just the North London line platforms (that remaining part of the station was closed in 1992).

The track seen here is roughly the area where the platforms would have been. The circular building on the left of the photo is The Roundhouse, an entertainment complex utilising a former locomotive turntable engine shed.

(photo: 2007)






South Hampstead station is still open on the Euston to Watford Junction London Overground service but it has disused platforms on all of the fast lines.

(photo: 2005)




South Hampstead station looking east.

(photo: 2005)




The disused part of South Hampstead station looking west. As with Kilburn High Road, the next station in the Queen's Park direction, its original station bulding has been replaced by a pathetic structure not much better than a portaloo.

(photo: 2008)




The part of South Hampstead station underneath Loudoun Road.

(photo: 2008)





(1866 - 1962 (main line closure only))



Looking south at Willesden Junction main lines from Old Oak Bridge. The platform space is clearly visible although according to Wikipedia, "the platforms were removed during electrification of the WCML to allow easing the curvature of the tracks."
The white painted bridge across the tracks carries the North London line.

(photo: 2010)




Looking south again but from a slightly more westerly point. The platform area here is generously sized.

(photo: 2010)




Looking north from Old Oak Bridge at the tracks tapering back together after passing the old platform area.

(photo: 2010)





The station was opened in 1842, though it was rebuilt in 1911. This view is looking south at the disused platforms. The existing station is visible on the right hand side.

(photo: 2008)




Northward view. The photograph was taken from the island platform that has been converted by use by southbound slow services only. The fast line platforms were closed to passengers in 1963.

(photo: 2008)




Rickmansworth Church St - Watford Junction