This railway had only one intermediate station at Watford High Street and suffered from competition
from the Metropolitan line, which provided a more direct service to London. A branch from
just west of Watford High St station to Croxley Green was opened in 1912 in an attempt to
attract more passengers to it (and away from the Met line).

It was to no avail however and the Rickmansworth branch was closed to passengers in 1952.
The branch to Croxley Green did survive until the 1990s but now only the Watford
High St to Watford Junction section remains open.

The point where the two branches go their separate ways; the Rickmansworth branch to the left and the Croxley Green branch to the right (the Croxley Green branch is featured on the next page).

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Most of the line is now a cycle track called the Ebury Way. It is a pleasant but unremarkable three miles and cycling is probably the best way to view it.

This bridge carries Tolpits Lane over the top.

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The bridge carrying the Metropolitan line.

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Bridge over the Grand Union Canal.

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The terminus at Rickmansworth has been completely demolished and replaced by a builders merchant. There were no clues whatsoever that there had ever been a railway there.

Jeff Morgan sent these two photos of it as it was in October 1973.


© 2003 Jeff Morgan




Rickmansworth Church Street terminus photographed in October 1973 by Jeff Morgan.

For further photos and info: www.disused-stations.org.uk


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Croxley Green - Watford High St