Piccadilly Line



The number of existing stations that have abandoned bits would make for a website in itself.




Passageway to the platform to surface shaft not in use - accessed from the southern end of the platforms.

















"...you'll find that the abandoned staircase leads to the back of the lift shaft in current use. Interesting fact, the empty shaft isn't a lift shaft and never was one. It was built to accommodate an experimental spiral escalator, which broke down frequently and never really worked well enough to go into service, so the shaft for it was simply blocked off and never used. The escalator itself was removed sometime in the 1950's and as far as I know, is in storage for the LT museum, but no documentation on it's construction exists anymore, so it's basically in bits. Mitsubishi though, have manufactured the World's first spiral escalators and they're in a shopping mall in San Francisco, but these are simply curved, rather than a full spiral as the Holloway Road one was."

Darren Gomes.



Hounslow West (Piccadilly Line)



Photos taken between 1977 and 1981, except where stated.