Piccadilly Line



Opened in 1884 as Hounslow Barracks, it was renamed Hounslow West in 1925. Originally part of the District Line,
Piccadilly line services started running on it in the 1930s and took over the line completely in 1964.

The Heathrow extension necessitated a slight resiting of the platforms, in cut and cover tunnels, which were opened in July 1975.
The original station building has been retained.



Looking east from the new cut and cover platforms. The join onto the previous alignment occurs only a small distance after the tunnel mouth.





The walkway built to connect the new platforms with the old station building.





The scant remains of the track bed leading from the existing line to the former site of the platforms.





Opposite view from the same position of the location of the old platforms.
The platforms were lower than the level of the car park; the land was levelled from the spoil of
the tunnels built for the Heathrow extension.





Closer to the station building and a small remaining section of platform canopy can be seen just to the left of, and lower
than, the station building. There was an equivalent one to the right of the station building.





As above.









Side view of the platform canopy and the descent down to the the platform level can be clearly seen.





Closer view of the staircase that led down to the platforms. The LUL style steps are noticable.






View of the station building with the old platform area (now the car park) on the right.

(All photos: Mar 2006)



Osterley Park and Spring Grove (Piccadilly Line)