Central Line



Arch and rusting sign of one of the two stairways leading down to the newer platforms from the older platforms.





One of the two stairways leading down to the newer platforms from the older platforms.




Platform 4 - the westbound platform, facing toward the depot. Westbound services today run through a new covered track built to reduce the curve. This platform provided the access route to the old depot, for both trains and staff.




This view is facing in the direction of White City station.




Facing in the White City direction again but from further back. When in use for westbound trains, the track would have followed the wall on the right. After the new straighter route was opened and westbound trains no longer used this platform, it was adapted to form the access route to the depot. This involved demolishing part of the platform, as seen on the left, and re-routing the track across the space where the platform was.




Surface level view of the track emerging from the above disused platform en route to the depot. The buildings for the Anglo-Franco exhibition of 1908 are in the background.

(photo: 2000)




Connecting passageway between Platforms 3 & 4. There were two of these - this one was bricked off.




Platform 3.
Eastbound trains still pass this space today, shortly after leaving White City station, but the platform was removed by March 2006 and the new sub-surface depot access track has now been built in its place. The new depot can be seen from the left hand side of trains leaving White City for central London.




This sign remained in situ on the eastbound platform until around 2005.




View from White City station in 2001.
The left hand tunnel is the new westbound one (reverse running operates here, in that trains would emerge from it, rather than disappearing into it).
The right hand tunnel is the eastbound one (Wood Lane's platform 3 was just inside the tunnel on the left).
The tunnel in the middle with a train disappearing into it, led to platform 4 at Wood Lane, the former westbound route (and provided access to the depot).



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Aldgate East (District Line)




Photos taken between 1977 and 1981, except where stated.