Bakerloo Line


(renamed Charing Cross)




A Charing Cross station explanation poster dating from the late 1970s.

The Jubilee Line, essentially a Bakerloo relief line, took over the Bakerloo line from Stanmore to Baker Street and continued in new tunnels south of Baker Street ending at a (temporary) terminus at Charing Cross, with a view to subsequently extending further eastwards.

The Charing Cross terminus was comprised of new platforms for the Jubilee Line, combined with the previously separate stations of Strand, on the Northern Line, and Trafalgar Square, on the Bakerloo Line.

Thus Trafalgar Square station still exists, albeit renamed Charing Cross and now connected to the Northern Line. The following photos are of the disused lift shaft and associated passages of Trafalgar Square station; they are definitely not part of the Jubilee or Northern Line areas, hence the reason for its own page.



It is surprising to note the substantial size of some disused areas.




The lift shaft now has air ventilation machinery installed in it, as seen on the right.





The lift shaft is on the left.









The shaft for the emergency stairs. The tiling for the spiral of the stairs is still visible.





"The tiling in the shaft has now been removed. It was falling down in lumps, some the size of a football, from the walls. When the rubble is removed the tunnel rings will be renovated and painted."




"The passageways were the entrance and exits to the lift shafts for customers entering and exiting Trafalgar Square Station. When the escalators were put in, they were converted for equipment rooms and tunnel fan ventilation. One side had coloured tiles and the other white tiles."




Original tiling in a very well preserved condition.




A new ventilation passageway.


(Photos taken Jan 2008)



Charing Cross (Jubilee Line)