Station names




Some tube station names you
won't find on the London
Underground anymore.









One of the tiling anomolies. Curious that no effort has been made to cover it up.

The station was opened as Great Central on 27th March 1907 and renamed Marylebone on 15th April 1917.







Another one is at Arsenal station, where the original Gillespie Road station name is visible.

The station name was changed to Arsenal in 1932.

This amusing suggestion (with geographical corrections) was posted on the newsgroup by someone called Al:

Having wandered about Ashburton Grove, site of the new Arsenal FC ground, it occured to me that there are three roughly equidistant rail stations. I humbly suggest changing their names.

"Arsenal" on Plimsoll Road (Piccadilly) could become "Arsenal East", "Drayton Park" could become "Arsenal Central" and "Holloway Road" (Piccadilly) could become "Arsenal West".

If this can be arranged, I'd further like to suggest changing the LB Islington's name to "London Borough of Arsenal". Would that be okay?












Kingsway Tram Tunnel



Photos taken between 1977 and 1981, and 2003.