Piccadilly Line


(1903 - 1931)


Opened on what was then the Metropolitan District Line to serve the neighbouring Royal Agricultural Show,
a more substantial replacement was opened about a third of a mile south in 1931 in preparation for the Piccadilly
Line takeover a year later.

An image of the station whilst open can be seen here.




1930s map showing the location of Park Royal & Twyford Abbey station in the centre.
Brentham station and Park Royal station on the left and right extremities of the map, two G.W.R. stations, have both also now been closed.




The station was located here, on the south side of Twyford Abbey Road. The lightweight construction of the original station meant that its post-closure existence was short lived. The bridge and trackwork either side have since been replaced/modernised thus removing all hope of finding the slightest remnant.





The replacement Park Royal station looking in the direction of the old one. These newer platforms would have been moved again, to the other side of the road supports seen here, to be closer to the planned interchange with the new Park Royal Central line station but Her Majesty's Rail Inspectorate would not allow new platforms to be built on a slope. Full details of the new Central Line station are here: www.alwaystouchout.com


(All photos Apr 2006)



York Road (Piccadilly Line)