NORTHERN HEIGHTS: Highgate station

For a while Highgate station had two lines; the Northern Line extension from Archway
was built underneath the existing overground station, which was rebuilt to allow for
interchange between the two.

For a scan of a 1930s A-Z showing the route of this line, click here.






The 'Thin Air' episode of the BBC drama 'Waking The Dead', filmed circa 2003. The cast are emerging from the northbound tunnel at the southern end of the station.







Either side of the high level station were tunnels, although the station itself was on the surface, deep in a cutting by the side of Archway Road.

This is looking south at the tunnels on the Crouch End side, the photo preceding the one above by at least 22 years.







Showing the southbound platform, although the island arrangement can be (just) made out.
The station is normally thick with trees and shrubs.












Northwards view with the ventilation shaft from the deep level on the left.







View southwards from inside the waiting room through glass-less window frames.







The steps leading down to the booking office (visible at the bottom of the steps). Designed to serve two lines, it only handles the Northern Line passengers now. This access to the high-level station was removed from public view, when the sub-ground ticket office was rebuilt.







The same staircase but looking upwards. The fixing hooks for the handrails can be seen on either wall.







The northbound platform, looking south. Ventilation shaft from the deep level is on the right.







The southbound platform looking north. The imprint of one of London Transport's station name roundels is half visible on the far left.







The tunnels at the northern end of the station.







Evidence of the incomplete electrification of the line: the cable brackets on the tunnel wall.





Northern Heights: Highgate station (pt.2)