Opened in 1846 between Stratford and Canning Town, the line was extended to North Woolwich the following year. Services were extended north to Palace Gates in 1887 although that line (northwards from Seven Sisters) was closed to passengers in 1963.

1979 saw the North Woolwich branch incorporated into the North London Line, pre-empting the closure of the Broad Street line (Broad Street station had hitherto provided the eastern terminus for the North London Line).



(1863 - 2006)

The Crossrail project will use the marooned stub of track between Custom House and North Woolwich, surfacing from its London side tunnel just west of Custom House station and continuing in the North Woolwich direction before diving into tunnel again under the Thames.

Crossrail is being 'passively designed' to allow for a possible station at Silvertown, although its location will be different from the station shown here (more easterly, closer to the City Airport). All remains of Silvertown station had been swept away by June 2012 as part of the Crossrail works.



View of the tunnel as it emerges at the Silvertown end. The tunnel was the third route to serve Silvertown and North Woolwich. The previous (second) surface level route was located immediately to the left of the tunnel.

The very first route via the south side of what became the Victoria Dock is to be seen on the far left, still with some its track intact. As it still served local factories, it was known as the Silvertown Tramway. The level crossing gates were still in situ at the time of this photo.

(photo: 2005)




Photo from 1984 showing far more remains of the Silvertown Tramway.
(Copyright photo by Tom Burnham from his Flickr site. Used with permission).

For a Feb 2017 view, move your cursor over the image.





Photo taken in March 2012.

"Plenty of [Crossrail] work now going on in the tunnel, with numerous construction vehicles driving in and out. On the left hand side, the old Silvertown Tramway gates have gone; but the small section of tracks embedded in the road beyond survives. In amongst all the construction, this 15-metre section of embedded track is the only real remaining clue as to the Tramway's existence."

Text and photo by Neal Jones. ©2012




Feb 2017, with the CrossRail works clearly advancing. The line is due to open late-2018.




Eastward view of the solitary remaining track and platform at Silvertown station as seen in 2006. The original route of the line can be seen joining from the right.

For a not dissimilar view from around 1910 showing the station with both its tracks and the now demolished westbound platform, move your cursor over the image.




Looking toward Silvertown station at the Silvertown Tramway's tracks still embedded in the road. The factories on the right are on the north bank of the Thames.

(photo: 2006)




The tracks of the Silvertown Tramway clearly leading toward Silvertown station. These tracks are no longer visible (they have either been removed or have been covered over).

(photo: 2005)




Silvertown station and its one remaining platform.

(photo: 2005)




Silvertown platform heading toward North Woolwich.

(photo: 2006)




(photo: 2003)


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Reference: London Railways by Edwin Course. B T Batsford Ltd, London, 1962.



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