Metropolitan Line



There are three abandoned stations between Baker Street and Finchley Road
on the Metropolitan Line. They were replaced by two stations on the Bakerloo
Line's Stanmore branch (now part of the Jubilee Line) to speed up the
journey times of Metropolitan Line trains.

Lords station, the first one north from Baker Street, was originally named St.John's
Wood Road (as seen on the map below), renamed St.John's Wood in 1925, and
finally renamed Lords only five months before its closure.


The line shown on the map to the left of the Metropolitan Line is the mainline out of Marylebone.

The emergency door at surface level, early 2004.
This is in Lodge Road at the southern end of the platforms. The station buildings (the second one was opened in 1924) stood in St. John's Wood Road, at the northern end of the platforms (opposite Lords cricket ground).

The hotel built over the top of the station seems to change its name on a regular basis. It is now the Danubius Hotel (Aug 2005). When it was the Ramada Plaza, planning permission was put in to build a glass roofed communications building at the site of these emergency doors. Presumably either the planning permission failed or there has been a change of plan, as the building works should have been finished by now.

Photo by Robert Godfrey ©2004




The access stairs looking down from the entrance.

Photo by Robert Godfrey ©2004




Sign on the access stairs.




Emergency stairs in more recent times.

Photo by Gary. ©2011




Looking south from the northbound platform.

Part of the original southbound platform, as seen in its dilapidated condition on the left, extends out into the open uncovered section south of Lodge Road and is clearly visible from passing trains.

(photo: 2005)




As above but viewed from a more northerly point.

Photo by Gary. ©2011




As above.

Photo by Gary. ©2011




Both Lords and Marlborough Road stations were replaced by St.John's Wood station on the deep level Bakerloo line, although St.John's Wood is much nearer to Marlborough Road.

This is the covered section of the northbound platform looking north.

(photo: 2005)




The northbound platform looking north again but from the right hand side of the pillars visible in the photograph above.




The station bears little resemblance to old photographs of it when it was open - the overall roof has been replaced by the supports for the road and hotel above it. There is some evidence in the brickwork at least (northward view of the southbound platform).

In its operating days, it would have not looked dissimilar to Marlborough Road (the next station, also abandoned). There is at least enough of that one left structurally for it to be obvious that it was a station.




Looking northwards.




There are two sections of platform on the northbound side. This one (where the most of the platform photos above were taken from) and one further northwards. The stairs lead up to the emergency exit door at the foot of the hotel above the station.

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