Northern City Line



This is now a Victoria Line station but that would be cheating a bit - the old station building on
Holloway Road was actually closed before the Victoria Line was opened there.




The front of the old station building in April 2001 - arguably in a better location than the new one is.

Given the number of people that queue to cross Holloway Road after coming out of the new station, it would make sense for LUL to re-open it as an additional entrance.






May 2001 and something is going on. A new wine bar perhaps? (We all know how short of them Islington is).






June 2001.






The rear of the old station building facing Highbury Fields

(Apr 2001).






Inside before the renovation work was started

(Apr 2001).




(June 2006)



Drayton Park - Finsbury Park (Northern City Line)



Photos taken in 2001 unless stated.