(deep level shelter)


One of seven shelters built during World War II underneath Northern Line stations, the plan was to incorporate them later into an express version of the Northern Line.

The list of shelters built on the Northern Line is:
- Belsize Park
- Camden Town
- Goodge Street
- Stockwell
- Clapham North
- Clapham Common
- Clapham South

They all remain today as a testiment to World War II and to an ambitious plan to relieve congestion on the Northern line that ultimately was just too expensive for a war-torn economy. Today, there is no physical reason why the southern ones couldn't be linked to form the basis of a South London relief line but again, the cost would be prohibitive for all but the most rail-friendly and forward thinking of governments.




Surface level 'pillbox' structure surrounding the staircase and lift shaft. The ventilation shaft is separate and to the left, behind the other photographer.




The entrance in and a couple of wartime boards still in situ high up on the wall.




The outer passage, which links the two entrances to the lift shaft. From the outside, this can be seen as the bit extending on the right hand side (top photo on this page).




The lift could only accommodate four people. The double helix arrangement of the stairs can be seen here.




The lift.




As with the other deep level shelters, the tunnels were split horizontally. This is the top level.




Stairs leading down to the lower level.




The lower level. The shelter was used for storage prior to being vacated and there are plenty of storage racks that were left behind. The bunks used for sleeping during the war and after, are on the right.




The bunks. The top and bottom ones had springs, the middle ones didn't.




All over the shelter are signs indicating the locations of the separate areas. The areas were named after naval commanders.




There are a handful of remnants remaining, such as this.




The pump room.




More shelving for document storage.




Viewed from below. This shelving will be removed prior to the shelter being opened up for public visits.




The lower level.




The southern of the two lift shafts.




The southern lift shaft viewed from the outside. It has been incorporated into this block of flats and provides an odd but not unpleasant appearance.




The location at Clapham South station on the Northern Line where the shelter could be accessed. This route has been sealed up now.

(All photos taken Feb 2015 )



Aldwych branch (Piccadilly Line)